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    These Movies are made from various sources. English audio is from R1 DVDs, italian audio from R2I DVDs, japanese audio from R2J DVDs and the first japanese audio track on movie 1 and 2 are from drama CDs for highest possible quality. The drama CD audio was cut and synced by me to match the movie. English translation is from R1 DVDs and styled, retimed and checked by me. Video source for the first Movie and the Make up! Sailor Senshi Special is the italian DVD since the japanese DVD is really bad. Movie 2 and 3 are sourced from both japanese and italian DVDs, the Ami-chan no Hatsukoi Special is only sourced from japanese DVD. I tried to combine the benefits of both sources and eliminate the disadvantages in the process. The italian DVDs retain some more details, are sharper because of higher resolution and have less haloing. The japanese DVDs in comparison have less blocking but more artifacts. Besides that i reconstructed and redrew around 550 frames. I [&hellip