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    This was only planned as a small side project for my own pleasure. I saw all the available releases, and what should i say? Fucked up levels, banding and blocking hells, bad timing, broken TS and many other issues. To put it in other words, nothing i want to watch. Anyway, i took Raws from Yousei-Raws and the script from rori. Missing parts from episode 6 were taken from Doki-Chihiro. Also took some additional TS from Commie. Since the first and second OP was changed for the BD release, i made unofficial NC versions of those TV openings. I took the video from the BD and cut the FLAC opening from the CD to match that video. If you want to help with seeding, you can find patches for the Yousei-Raws on BakaBT. Specs of this release are: Video: 1920×1080 h264 10bit Audio: Japanese Stereo FLAC Subtitle: English ASS Subs (rori) Download: Kokoro Connect on BakaBT Kokoro Connect on nyaa