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    it has been nearly 5 years since i started this. just filtering took 1 year, with various revisions and alterations to the scripts till i was content with the result (at least back then). though when i wanted to start on the subtitle work i got quite discouraged. it was the sheer amount of signs and retiming work that had to be done that made me postpone this various times. i did though work on it occasionally and made a steady but slow progress. only recently i took matters in hand and binge worked on it constantly for a few weeks. it was quite a relief when i was finally done after so many weeks i spent on this. still after nearly 5 years and acquiring a vaster knowledge on filtering, encoding and the general subbing process, i am not quite satisfied with this anymore. if i had some more willingness and patience left to work on this, i would redo at least my filtering chain to get rid of [&hellip