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  • Shaman King – Kanashimi no Katachi

    This took me quite some time, but i finally finished it. I didn’t plan to scene filter this, but in the end i did it. The source is really bad and needed a lot of fixing. Things i fixed are haloing, banding, blocking, bad borders, interlaced fades and strong aliasing. I am aware that it is not perfectly filtered, but i don’t want to invest any more time in such a minor special. There are various people who helped me and i want to thank. Encoding, Timing, Transcription, Styling – der richter Translation – Chishiki Source ISO – Jezzy QC, Editing – CP QC, Editing – Macros74 QC – Sherlock Also many thank to the guys on #ANE. They helped me a lot with filtering in AviSynth and encoding settings on x264. Video: 708×478 (anamorphic 708:534) h264 10bit Audio: Japanese Stereo AC-3 Subtitle: English ASS Subs Download: Shaman King – S5 – Kanashimi no Katachi on BakaBT Shaman King – S5 – Kanashimi no Katachi on nyaa Shaman King – S5 – Kanashimi no Katachi [&hellip