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  • Ghost in the Shell

    This release uses a HDTV stream as source instead of BluRay. Simple reason for that decision is, the BD is fucked up in many different ways and I deem HDTV as the superior source. For my claims please see the comparison on my comparison page. This is not my own encode, it is quite an old raw that uses WMV9 as video codec. As subtitle source I used the official subs. I fixed a lot of scene bleeds, retimed many lines, split a lot of three liners, added some proper typesetting, and much more. The whole specs of this release are: Video: 1920×1040 WMV9 Audio: Japanese 5.1 DTS Subtitle: English ASS Subs Download: Ghost in the Shell on BakaBT Ghost in the Shell on nyaa  
  • Judgment desu no

    This week marks the beginning of my voyage to explore new fields I am interested in. After my time as a BakaBT mod doing the same shit every day, I decided to do something new. Not just judging other releases, but creating something myself. I may or might not be successful but I want to learn something different at least. Areas I am interested in are Typesetting, Timing and Encoding. Anyway, I hope to bring you some interesting projects from now on. The first is the comparison section, for which I plan to upload every comparison I ever made. It will be a staggered process since there is quite a lot to sort through. I hope they help in deciding which release to download. If there are any problems with the blog or the comparison site just drop me a comment. Judgment desu no~