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Blood-C: The Last Dark

on July 26, 2015

This is just a Patch for Vivid-Raw’s encode. You can find a torrent on nyaa now. I modified Anime-Koi’s subs a bit to match Underwater’s release, added one sign and modified the TS a bit.

Patch with xdelta3 -d blood-c.xdelta.

Specs of this release are:
Video: 1912×1080 h264 10bit
Audio: Japanese 5.1 FLAC
Subtitle: English ASS Subs (Anime-Koi)

Blood-C: The Last Dark on nyaa
Blood-C: The Last Dark Patch on Judgment
Blood-C: The Last Dark Raw on nyaa

3 comments on ”Blood-C: The Last Dark”

  1. anon

    Could you compare some Blood Lad releases? I think the only good one is the Kagura raw.

  2. der richter

    probably not any time soon, since i didn’t plan to watch it.

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