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Ghost in the Shell

on July 7, 2013

This release uses a HDTV stream as source instead of BluRay. Simple reason for that decision is, the BD is fucked up in many different ways and I deem HDTV as the superior source. For my claims please see the comparison on my comparison page.

This is not my own encode, it is quite an old raw that uses WMV9 as video codec. As subtitle source I used the official subs. I fixed a lot of scene bleeds, retimed many lines, split a lot of three liners, added some proper typesetting, and much more.

The whole specs of this release are:
Video: 1920×1040 WMV9
Audio: Japanese 5.1 DTS
Subtitle: English ASS Subs

Ghost in the Shell on BakaBT
Ghost in the Shell on nyaa


16 comments on ”Ghost in the Shell”

  1. octal9

    many and endless thanks for the exceptional encode – i was originally going to watch the niizk encode, but came upon yr. release today and was stunned by the beauty of this movie once again – it was like re-experiencing it for the first time all over again (but of course much better – the first time i watched it was on lo-lo-def tv) – the slight artifacting, etc. is well worth the sheer amount of detail and grain compared to blu ray version…..great work! hope to see more of yr. stuff in the future…….

  2. Deckard

    Tears of joy. Oh man. For a good while the PSNR encode was the go-to version for me; I’m honestly surprised to see a new release come along and outstrip it completely, with notable improvements in different areas.

    I have to say this looks very, very “filmic”, if that makes sense. The amount of preserved grain is irresistible.

    It really makes me feel blessed to experience something of this level. For free, to boot. It’s highly appreciated.

    Let me ask you, though — what would be the ideal setup to run this? I’m using Media Player Classic + Combined Comunity Codec pack. Do you think there are better playback options/configurations for viewing this? I just want to make sure I’m getting the most out of it.

    Again, thanks a million for this offering. I can’t get enough of it.

  3. der richter

    CCCP should be perfectly fine. if your hardware supports it you can add MadVR to your setup.

  4. Deckard

    Hello again, I was wondering if you’d mind clearing up a few things about the subtitles; sometimes I’m not sure if these are inconsistencies or simply your personal choices. For example:

    0:08:45.58 So, Aramaki-kun,
    0:08:46.81 What business brings the chief of Section 9\Nto the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

    0:16:05.31 Ishikawa,
    0:16:06.02 Check out the drivers’ homes.

    0:11:25.95 He’s wanted for crimes including stock manipulation,\Nillegal information gathering, political terrorism,
    0:11:29.71 Computer ethic infringements, and is under suspicion for several other crimes.

    I noticed how some sentences end with a comma, then the next word is capitalized. But I was thinking you might have taken liberties there to acommodate the feel of the dialogue. Like in the second example, although technically “wrong” I think the use of comma suits Motoko’s intonation better than a period, and the next sentence seems better with capitalization, since it’s a direct order or command.

    Or are these mere oversights?

    This might sound extremely anal-retentive, but I don’t mean to point out mistakes or anything. Just want the viewing experience to be as nice as possible. :)

  5. der richter

    those are oversights on my part. though i am not planning to do a v2, only if i could get a hold of the original .ts to make my own encode, i appreciate that feedback.

  6. Per-s@n

    Hey, I’m having trouble with the audio for this in media player classic with kawaii codec pack. For some stupid reason I can’t hear voices yet I can hear background noises. Any ideas? Btw very late thanks for release lol and go me for attempting to watch this for the first time in 2016.

  7. der richter

    could be that it’s not downmixing the 5.1 properly if you have a 2.0 system.

    • Per-s@n

      Hmm, well Thora’s release seems to use similar audio to yours and it works fine. However, I’d prefer to watch yours for obvious reasons. Any other suggestions? (tried googling this before my first comment and couldn’t get any answers)

    • der richter

      it’s probably some down mixing problem or similar. sry i can’t help more.

  8. Hanway

    Is it possible to get the original source HDTV MPEG2 1080i recording anywhere?

  9. Kairou

    Can you do the same magic that you did on Vampire Hunter D?
    I mean taking the Blue-rey version and merging it with the DVD and HDTV stream versions.

  10. elly36

    I think he is/was working on a new gits project with another person. I remember reading about it on Nyaa but the comments were lost after the domain expired. I hope he’s still working on it, D looks great.

  11. der richter

    i already offered the ‘magic’ on bakabt.

  12. elly36

    Sweet I’ve been waiting for this for a while! Hopefully they can approve this soon. Are you going to upload a torrent to or pantsu? I already have a baka account but since registrations are closed I think other might appreciate it.

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