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Judgment desu no

on July 2, 2013

This week marks the beginning of my voyage to explore new fields I am interested in. After my time as a BakaBT mod doing the same shit every day, I decided to do something new. Not just judging other releases, but creating something myself. I may or might not be successful but I want to learn something different at least. Areas I am interested in are Typesetting, Timing and Encoding.

Anyway, I hope to bring you some interesting projects from now on. The first is the comparison section, for which I plan to upload every comparison I ever made. It will be a staggered process since there is quite a lot to sort through. I hope they help in deciding which release to download.

If there are any problems with the blog or the comparison site just drop me a comment.

Judgment desu no~

13 comments on ”Judgment desu no”

  1. revo

    If you need encoding help just ask :)

  2. der richter

    thx, but probably not in the near future. first project is done and now i have to do my bachelor thesis.

  3. chem0_o

    look forward to your releases!

  4. robin hobb

    what Anime is the backround pic from ? if it’s from a anime ?

  5. der richter

    it’s from “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun”.

  6. Deckard

    der richter, are you familiar with this SEL release?

    My current favorite is by NP-Complete (which I discovered thanks to your comparison page), but I was wondering if this encode by Kagura is any good. Just thought I’d ask before committing my bandwith to those 20-some GBs of data.

  7. der richter

    nope sorry, but now that i know i will have a look.

  8. Deckard

    Thanks for the new comparisons!

    I’d like to know what’s your personal choice of the SEL releases. From what I see, [WHW] seems crisper and w/ more natural colors? Especially the skin of the characters. [Kagura] just looks blurry to me.

    Also, for VHD: Bloodlust — would you say [bxyh] is the best option so far?

  9. der richter

    WHW is bad, blocking and washed out details, the colours are probably wrong. truest to the source is probably kagura. kagura also tried to fix all the horrible aliasing, which makes it a bit less sharp than the others. though i just kept NPC since kagura doesn’t have subs.

    for Vampire Hunter D, bxyh is just bad. unnecessary and horrible sharpening, unnecessary upscale. considering the DVD has an average video bitrate of around 4300 kBit/s, it is horrible bloated with over 6000 kBit/s. then there is also a small chroma abbreviation which needs to be fixed. anyway a better release is coming soon.

  10. dagakinaru

    Can you upscale the OVA episode of Prison School?

  11. TeaSketcher

    Can’t wait for GiTS, your screenshots look great! Now that Nyaa is down and BabaBT is private could you let us know where your new releases will be uploaded?

  12. der richter

    i don’t know yet. i will decide when i make my next release post.

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