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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

on July 9, 2017

it has been nearly 5 years since i started this. just filtering took 1 year, with various revisions and alterations to the scripts till i was content with the result (at least back then). though when i wanted to start on the subtitle work i got quite discouraged. it was the sheer amount of signs and retiming work that had to be done that made me postpone this various times. i did though work on it occasionally and made a steady but slow progress. only recently i took matters in hand and binge worked on it constantly for a few weeks. it was quite a relief when i was finally done after so many weeks i spent on this. still after nearly 5 years and acquiring a vaster knowledge on filtering, encoding and the general subbing process, i am not quite satisfied with this anymore. if i had some more willingness and patience left to work on this, i would redo at least my filtering chain to get rid of the various things that bother me.

anyway coming to this release itself. this contains the ‘uncensored’ episode 18 and unlike the R1 rips this release isn’t the TV edit but the DVD/Home Video edit. meaning it has some revised animations and is a bit differently structured (scenes, OP, EDs, Previews etc.). this is probably the best release you will ever see in the foreseeable future, seeing that no one wanted to touch those atrocious DVDs before me. all sources are sadly a blended mess and it’s not completely fixable. back then, i’ve done my best to get a good compromise of blend removals and smooth motions. so yeah my encode is definitely not blend free, that being said my release is also full of blends. besides this the source has heavy rainbowing in parts which was removed. also fixed were screen edges as far as possible, chroma shifts and aberrations, haloing and ringing and some aliasing in places.

subs were completely retimed, since the R1 source, and with that the subs, don’t match the R2 Source. it’s because of some rearranged scenes, etc. that were mentioned before. recap episodes 14 and 15 (first part) are untranslated, since they are completely different from the R1 release. also untranslated is the preview of episode 6. besides this the subs got my usual good treatment, like proper styling (alternate, overlapping lines, etc), some editing by me, song translations and lyrics (OP edited by laus), and it is fully TSed, though i cheaped out on a few sings. the last point probably the biggest part of my frustration because this show is littered with signs.

Specs of this release are:
Video: 698-718×522-526 h264 10bit VFR
Audio: Japanese Stereo AC3
Subtitle: English ASS Subs (R1)

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou on BakaBT


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  1. NecDW4

    So, LOVING your release, saw it pop up on BBT while i was just starting the [ED] release, and hadnt heard about the censoring. Obviously i jumped ship to yours. However, since it seems to ONLY be a BBT release, I can send people HERE to check it out, but since BBT has effectively closed its doors to new peeps, nobody can actually use the link, or even teh actual torrent file since it uses the BBT tracker. Dont suppose you know of a way to get this out to interested friends who are incapable of using BBT do you?

  2. der richter

    i am just not sure which public tracker i should use from now on.

    • NettoMaus – – – These three are trying to follow in the footsteps of original Nyaa with seemingly retaining most of its predecessor’s approach and philosophy.

  3. nakhart

    please seed Gintama Benizakura Arc, I’ll seed back thx

  4. Maliquem

    Pls, upload on a public tracker

  5. Booby

    Please upload on

  6. A. N. Onymous

    I’ve gone ahead and uploaded this:

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