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Kaze o Mita Shounen

on July 5, 2015

I fixed several issues, like haloing, broken borders, cleaned up the whole mess and removed a bit of banding. i also tried to fix a big black and white crush in the bottom and top range, but not much could be saved. i also manually fixed some IVTC problems i found. also retimed the subs and edited them slightly. there are still some issues though. border fixing sometimes borked. there are probably 2-3 IVTC problems still present. i also wiped out some details with the quite heavy degraining/denoising i did. occasionally there is some blocking and banding.

Specs of this release are:
Video: 1078×576 h264 10bit
Audio: Japanese 5.1 AC3
Subtitle: English ASS Subs

Kaze o Mita Shounen on BakaBT
Kaze o Mita Shounen on nyaa


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  1. Bonuskun

    Please upload Http link on mega or googledrive.
    Onegai! Y_T

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