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Nichijou: Nichijou no 0 Wa

on August 30, 2014

Just because all the other releases are bad, especially Doki. Used Raws from Yousei-Raws and adjusted the subs from UTW a bit.

Specs of this release are:
Video: 1024×576 h264
Audio: Japanese Stereo FLAC
Subtitle: English ASS Subs (UTW)

Nichijou no 0 Wa on BakaBT
Nichijou no 0 Wa on nyaa


5 comments on ”Nichijou: Nichijou no 0 Wa”

  1. anon

    There’s an HD source for this OVA now– looks like Funimation included it on their recent US BD set. Any chance for an upgraded copy?


  2. der richter

    maybe, but it seems like it’s just a badly upscaled SD source anyway.

  3. grayfm

    Can you seed? I specifically got the torrent from the new nyaa site. But there don’t seem to be any seeders even via DHT. Thanks!

  4. rikku

    can someone seed this pls. 😀
    got it through as well xD

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