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  • Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura Hen

    All the somewhat good releases had either broken TS or horrendous quality. I took Rumbles script, removed some of the weeb speech and fixed all the TS or remade it. Source for video and audio are Tsukuyo’s and philosophy’s (English Audio) Raws. Anyway Gintama is awesome. Specs of this release are: Video: 1920×1080 h264 10bit Audio: Japanese and English 5.1 FLAC Subtitle: English ASS Subs Rumbel (Normal, with Notes, Songs/Signs) Download: Gekijouban Gintama – Shinyaku Benizakura Hen on BakaBT Gekijouban Gintama – Shinyaku Benizakura Hen on nyaa  
  • Nichijou: Nichijou no 0 Wa

    Just because all the other releases are bad, especially Doki. Used Raws from Yousei-Raws and adjusted the subs from UTW a bit. Specs of this release are: Video: 1024×576 h264 Audio: Japanese Stereo FLAC Subtitle: English ASS Subs (UTW) Download: Nichijou no 0 Wa on BakaBT Nichijou no 0 Wa on nyaa  
  • Bakuman Season 1

    revo joined me as an encoder for this release, so we will get much better quality than the Salender-Raws i initially wanted to use. Laus did a thorough QC for everything and many needed adjustments were made to the scripts. Scripts were taken from gg (1-12), TMD/A-Destiny (13-14) and Mezawari (15-25). Subs are restyled, terms adjusted for consistency and retimed. I either heavily improved the TS or completely redid it from scratch. Specs of this release are: Video: 1280×722 h264 10bit Audio: Japanese Stereo AAC Subtitle: English ASS Subs Download: Bakuman S1 on BakaBT Bakuman S1 on nyaa  
  • Kokoro Connect

    This was only planned as a small side project for my own pleasure. I saw all the available releases, and what should i say? Fucked up levels, banding and blocking hells, bad timing, broken TS and many other issues. To put it in other words, nothing i want to watch. Anyway, i took Raws from Yousei-Raws and the script from rori. Missing parts from episode 6 were taken from Doki-Chihiro. Also took some additional TS from Commie. Since the first and second OP was changed for the BD release, i made unofficial NC versions of those TV openings. I took the video from the BD and cut the FLAC opening from the CD to match that video. If you want to help with seeding, you can find patches for the Yousei-Raws on BakaBT. Specs of this release are: Video: 1920×1080 h264 10bit Audio: Japanese Stereo FLAC Subtitle: English ASS Subs (rori) Download: Kokoro Connect on BakaBT Kokoro Connect on nyaa  
  • Kamichu!

    Took the Henshin 720p Raws and the Subs from the Chuchuchuu release to make this release. I removed all the “Text Overlay”-Style typesetting and either replaced it with proper TS or just simple notes. I made this just because i wanted to watch a release with adequate quality, all the DVD releases were quite bad. Specs of this release are: Video: 1280×720 h264 Audio: Japanese Stereo FLAC Subtitle: English ASS Subs Download: Kamichu! on BakaBT Kamichu! on nyaa  
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Movies

    These Movies are made from various sources. English audio is from R1 DVDs, italian audio from R2I DVDs, japanese audio from R2J DVDs and the first japanese audio track on movie 1 and 2 are from drama CDs for highest possible quality. The drama CD audio was cut and synced by me to match the movie. English translation is from R1 DVDs and styled, retimed and checked by me. Video source for the first Movie and the Make up! Sailor Senshi Special is the italian DVD since the japanese DVD is really bad. Movie 2 and 3 are sourced from both japanese and italian DVDs, the Ami-chan no Hatsukoi Special is only sourced from japanese DVD. I tried to combine the benefits of both sources and eliminate the disadvantages in the process. The italian DVDs retain some more details, are sharper because of higher resolution and have less haloing. The japanese DVDs in comparison have less blocking but more artifacts. Besides that i reconstructed and redrew around 550 frames. I [&hellip
  • Shaman King – Kanashimi no Katachi

    This took me quite some time, but i finally finished it. I didn’t plan to scene filter this, but in the end i did it. The source is really bad and needed a lot of fixing. Things i fixed are haloing, banding, blocking, bad borders, interlaced fades and strong aliasing. I am aware that it is not perfectly filtered, but i don’t want to invest any more time in such a minor special. There are various people who helped me and i want to thank. Encoding, Timing, Transcription, Styling – der richter Translation – Chishiki Source ISO – Jezzy QC, Editing – CP QC, Editing – Macros74 QC – Sherlock Also many thank to the guys on #ANE. They helped me a lot with filtering in AviSynth and encoding settings on x264. Video: 708×478 (anamorphic 708:534) h264 10bit Audio: Japanese Stereo AC-3 Subtitle: English ASS Subs Download: Shaman King – S5 – Kanashimi no Katachi on BakaBT Shaman King – S5 – Kanashimi no Katachi on nyaa Shaman King – S5 – Kanashimi no Katachi [&hellip
  • Ghost in the Shell

    This release uses a HDTV stream as source instead of BluRay. Simple reason for that decision is, the BD is fucked up in many different ways and I deem HDTV as the superior source. For my claims please see the comparison on my comparison page. This is not my own encode, it is quite an old raw that uses WMV9 as video codec. As subtitle source I used the official subs. I fixed a lot of scene bleeds, retimed many lines, split a lot of three liners, added some proper typesetting, and much more. The whole specs of this release are: Video: 1920×1040 WMV9 Audio: Japanese 5.1 DTS Subtitle: English ASS Subs Download: Ghost in the Shell on BakaBT Ghost in the Shell on nyaa  
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