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Bakuman Season 2

on March 6, 2016

This is finally Season 2 of Bakuman. Just took nearly 2 years. Anyway team is still the same, revo encoded and Laus did a thorough QC and edited. I either heavily improved the TS or completely redid it from scratch.

Specs of this release are:
Video: 1280×720 h264 10bit
Audio: Japanese Stereo AAC
Subtitle: English ASS Subs (SFW-sage)

Bakuman S2 on BakaBT
Bakuman S2 on nyaa


22 comments on ”Bakuman Season 2”

  1. ahmadpnu

    Arigato Gozai Masoo!!
    but why it is only released on BakaBT? please add it to nyaa too.

    • Hendrickx

      BakaBT is better, and the torrent is almost guaranteed to remain seeded forever. If you can’t get it working and that’s why you want Nyaa, look at the BakaBT wiki and download a client in the whitelist. Literally takes less than 5 minutes to do so. I’m sure you can spend that long to get the only non-horrible BD release of this season.

    • der richter

      i mostly don’t upload to nyaa because my internet is shit. though i plan to start uploading all my remaining projects, which aren’t on there yet, this weekend. might just start with bakuman s2 then.

    • der richter

      you can find it on nyaa now.

  2. Black-Flash

    there is a problem with episode 24
    when azuki sing’s merry cristmas
    video and audio gets slow for some reason

    • der richter

      either get a better computer or better playback setup. since ridiculous TS.

      • Black-Flash

        my computer is fine thank you ;P
        and i also use the latest cccp pack
        rest off the episodes are fine
        is yours fine then???

    • ahmadpnu

      i have checked that part on Ep 24 and it is fine. just some times the cpu load is more than usual.
      check your cpu load when playing that part, if it reach to %100 even for one time then it is your cpu problem.

      • Black-Flash

        i checked it out 😛
        and it doesn’t go higher then 40%
        also the audio stops for a sec and then comes back
        i did download it again and still has same problem
        and convert doesn’t help too

        • der richter

          that just means that your sub renderer isn’t able to utilise all your CPU power to render subs. it’s really just ridiculous TSed karaoke. as a workaround you can disable subs for that part.

          • Black-Flash

            yes that’s it thanks
            when i disable the subs on that part it plays perfect
            how come?? do i need a new sub renderer???

          • der richter

            like i said it’s the typesetting of the lyrics, those snowflakes. you can try updating CCCP or to switch to KCP. i might just change that for a S1-3 batch when S3 is done in the future.

  3. Daisuke9

    Thx, Bakuman has been on my get list a long time. When it began releasing in dual audio I stopped watching to wait for the entire series to be out even if it would take another year. My wife prefers dubs over subs, that and 8bit, she wont watch Anime on a pc monitor. And also thx for reminding me that I wanted to watch it. I kinda forgot about it until you posted on Baka.


    Hoping for S3 soonish.

  5. Naruhan

    Season 3 when?

  6. Faraz

    season 2 speed download so slow around 20 – 100kbps sad

  7. ahmadpnu

    can i ask that you guys have any plan for season 3 or not?

  8. HaruGaro

    Can you reseed bakuman season 2 on any public anime tracker?

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